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Storm (girl) and Brooke (girl) BLANK KITS

We are offering four blank kits, two each of Storm and Brooke

  • Storm is a full body silicone sleeping baby girl. She is 17", and weighs 5 lb 1 oz.

  • Brooke is a full body silicone awake baby girl. She is 18", and weighs 6 lb 9 oz.


They are both sculpted by Carolyn Doughty. 

These blanks are the first we have produced for sale, and our trainee doll artist Michelle Andrew, has poured and fixed these.  They are not 'perfect' but they are certainly excellent quality - any little flaws will be completely invisible once they are painted. 

They are poured in our special blend of super-soft Mallow© Platinum Silicone which means that they are beautifully soft, and lovely to handle.

The blanks are all cleaned, fixed and a light dusting of silicone powder, ready to start painting.

The eyes (on Brooke) are not cut out as you will want to cut out the eye socket to fit your choice of eye (she looks good with 20mm or 22mm glass eyes).  The mouths have not been cut open and are not sculpted inside so if you want to use a dummy you will need to cut the mouth open.  I have videos on YouTube showing you how to do these things.

They take silicone paint really well - we recommend using Psycho Paint with a solvent such as SAM Odorless Solvent, Bob Ross Thinner, Mona Lisa Thinners, Novoks from Smooth-On,  or Naptha (lighter fluid).  For pigments we recommend SAM silicone pigments, Enfis Nature Colours, or SilcPig from Smooth-On.  Matting powder we recommend Silicone Velvet or SAM matting powder.

For those starting out painting silicone, we have a tutorial on our website which you may find useful.  We also sell some of the materials you may need, on this website.

These babies are super-soft, they just melt into your arms and are extremely cuddly.  They are also extremely poseable because being so soft her body does not 'bounce back' into shape like babies poured in a less soft or more rubbery silicone.  Their softness is a softer than Ecoflex 00-10.

Once your baby is painted and matted you may wish to root her, you can root her just as you would a vinyl reborn except we recommend you use no.46 needles which are finer.

£900 plus postage.  Postage to most countries worldwide is available, please ask if unsure.

We process payments via Paypal for the protection and peace of mind of our customers, you don’t need a paypal account yourself you can simply pay by credit or debit card.  

She will be packed well, double boxed for security, and you will receive her:

  • UK: within a few days of the end of the show.

  • Overseas: depending on DHL but normally arrives within a week. 

  • Shipping cost to the UK is £25.00, overseas will vary from £40.00 - £60.00 - we will give you a price on asking.

We use DHL for shipping which is fully trackable and very secure.  If you wish for us to insure the parcel this will be an extra cost and we can give you a price when we are ready to ship.

Any customs or import charges made by your country will be your responsibility to pay.

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