SILICONE Innocents by Our World Of Chi


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Phoebe is 19” tall and Chloe, her little sister, is 12" tall.  Phoebe has wire armatures for posing and Chloe is left floppy for cuddling. Their baby brother Tao is just a little handful at 6".


The Innocents are sculpted, poured, wired and painted by Ja'mir Graham.


Phoebe and Chloe McFaeragon


There she stood under the willow tree, long and slender, hidden in its low branches.  Her wide eyes were looking at me, not knowing what to do or what to say. Lowering her head, she looked up with her huge eyes and whispered,
"Hello, are you the one taking me home?"
I gently took her hand, smiled, and led her out from under the tree.  I let her sit in my hand, she was heavier than I expected,  yet she floated like a butterfly when walking.

“So who might you be?"  I asked her, "You are not an elf, or a troll, not a faerie, or a dragon.” 
She wiggled her nose and giggled.

“I am an Innocent,” she breathed on the wind, “they call me Phoebe” 

She curled up her long legs and tucked them under her, and asked if I was taking her like the others.
I assured her I take no one, only make their likeness, so they can also live on earth to spread magic.
She answered me, that she had no magic, but I assured her she did, as Innocence is like a flower just in bud, everything is new, everything is a fresh start, a new beginning to life itself.
She sighed and smiled, and asked, with her head tipped to one side “Can my sister come too?”

Chloe, she pointed to, was asleep under a curled branch of a tree. She woke up, her wide innocent beguiling eyes staring back at me, and grinned, then pouted, then grinned again. No quiet little mouse this one, I thought, she may well be an Innocent, but knew exactly what she wanted and where she wanted to be as she leapt onto my hand and into her sister’s lap.

And so Phoebe and Chloe came into being, the first of the Innocents to Our World Of Chi.

So if you have had a really tough life and need to re learn that innocence of a child , regain your ability, to believe and soak up the world seen and unseen, these are the little ones for you.


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