SILICONE Elfling and Trelf by Our World Of Chi


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Jaffe, Taffy and Raffy


Jaffe: a 1 energy baby elfling, his story is to help people believe in themselves. Not rely on others to give recognition but forge their own path of magic . He tells you that you are answerable to no one but yourself. Trust in the process. He is 9 inches   


£250 plus postage


Raffy my toothy happy grinning trelf! Yes a trelf! First of his kind when he sort of fell into a pot of elf magic as a baby troll. An 11 energy meaning illumination. He will shine a light on your path and show you the way. The elves bought him up from a baby and taught him their ways. He is a helper and healer and will bring the happiness to you that you need when feeling not right. He is there to make you smile and remind you that you are loved, special and here for a reason ! He is 7.5 inches  


£200 plus postage


Taffy, a new eenzie weenzie wide eyed little innocent elfling for your pocket or handbag to remind you that you always have magic with you and inside you. You are the magic, he is just there to remind you. He is a 22 energy and depicts the ‘master builder’ to help you see yourself as the reason for being. Not to follow but to lead by your own inner light. He is 7.5 inches  


£150 plus postage


Made from start to finish at Our World of Chi - sculpted by Ja’mir Graham, moulded and poured by Michelle Andrew, painted and finished by Ja'mir Graham. 

Poured in our own special blend of super-soft Mallow© Platinum Silicone  

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