Nappies and Bodies


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I am happy to share the Huggies Tiny nappies to you which recently imported from the U.S.A.

These are the smallest nappies for real babies, they are super hard to find in the UK even in Europe.

They are soft, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and free of natural rubber latex.

So they are suitable for both vinyl and silicone babies.

For the Pampers printed nappies, they are limited edition and long sold out from the market, rare to find.

We have very limited quantity available, once they are gone we will no longer have them, so don't miss your chance to get some.


**For the suede bodies, I understand many customers have been waiting for them for a long time.

I'm glad to say they are finally back in stock.


✿All items in this collection have FREE UK delivery.

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After the show, postage of £3.50 to £5.00 will be added to each pack.