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Silicone Velvet™ Matting and Care Powder

Trusted by artists the leading artists worldwide, Silicone Velvet™ is a unique blend of ingredients that give the best long lasting matt finish to silicone babies. Use it to give a stress free matt finish during painting, or as a care product for keeping your silicone baby in top condition.

 Full instructions are supplied, and instructional videos are available on the website

  • A little goes a VERY long way

  • High transparency ingredients mean paintwork remains true to the original colours

  • Looks and feel closest to real baby skin

  • Silicone based for the ultimate bond to the silicone paint

  • Very simple to use

  • Non toxic.

  • Talc free, corn-starch free – will not mold

  • Water repellent – protects paintwork

50% extra free if purchased at the show. Your order can be shipped direct from our stocksists in the UK, spain, Canada, Australia and the USA for super fast low cost delivery. You can also be billed in Euros, AUD, USD and GBP

2g  sample Bag                                                £4.99

7g bag - 50% extra free, now 10.5g                £14.99

20g bag 50% extra free, now 30g                   £23.99

70g Bag 50% extra free, now 105g                 £60.00

150g Bag 50% extra free, now 255g               £120.00

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