Cuddly Fleece Babies handmade by Chris Dunkley


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Hi, my name is Chris and I am Jax husband. She bought an embroidery machine from a friend and asked if I could set it up for her in the Studio, as I had time on my hands.

After setting it up I was a bit fascinated with the idea of producing some bunting for her stall and some small items as giveaways with her dolls. I have now developed to these little cuddly creatures and thought you may be interested in buying some.

They are made from fleece with safety stuffing and approx.9” tall.

Colours available are:- White with Blue or Pink dummies and Nappies, White with lucky dip colours, White with Christmas red. Also Caramel, Pink, Blue with White, Pink or Blue Dummies and Nappies.

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