Adorable Baby Benny by Bonnie Sieben, brought to life by Ella Mck


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A prototype silicone from the original sculpt by Bonnie Sieben in Canada.

Professionally molded and cast by Kristin Englert in the USA. Brought to life using the finest techniques by me, Ella McK in the UK.

I am truly grateful to have been asked to bring this little boy to life – it is a privilege and an honour.

For adoption information please see the bottom of this page, or go straight to the auction


Poured in Kristins unqie Ecoflex soft blend, Benny is soft and cuddly, but still retains a nice realistic tone to his arms and legs. Perfectly cuddly, not too floppy. Kristin has created a wonderful blend for this level of realism.

He is cast in one piece – no neck join, no ball joint.

  • Soft rooted lashes and brows.

  • Glass eyes are a very realistic grey blue with authentic dark limbus.

  • Full mouth with a mobile tongue & can take a full size paci / dummy

  • A combination of high precision airbrushing and conventional painting techniques give Benny his hyper realistic skin and details.
    Finished with Silicone Velvet for longest lasting super soft skin.

  • Benny weighs 6lb 1oz
    With his legs straightened he is 18inches crown to heel

Adopting Benny


Baby Benny is being auctioned live on my website during the show – closing at 1430BST on Saturday.


 The auction runs similar to ebay with all the automatic email updates if you get outbid etc. The winner will get an automated checkout with options to pay via all the usual card options. Contact me before bidding for layaway details and approval if you need them.
To take part, when you make your first bid, you will automatically be asked to register first (allow 2 minutes to do this). More details and images are on the auction page.

Link to auction and to see current bid price.

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