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My name is Jan Bakayi of Jans reborn nursery.


I have been a reborn artist for five and a half years.

This originally started as a hobby and has gradually built up to many commissions.

I first became inspired when i saw a program about reborn’s, after being introduced to this by a friend, i brought my first kit and paints.

I started by following a dvd tutorial then went on to having a three day reborning course.

Gradually working up to producing beautiful babies.

I started selling my babies in my shop then at varies craft fairs and doll shows.

I take great pride in producing beautiful babies, spending many hours painting and rooting to achieve a realistic look.

All my babies are filled with professional grade materials and dressed in lovely little outfit to suit their individual personality

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This dear baby boy, is the limited edition Noel sculpt by olga auer. Noel weighs 4 pounds 1 oz, he has full limbs, he’s 18 inches long and fitted with a neck ring so his head moves freely. Noel has micro rooted hair and eyelashes, and is fitted with a magnetic dummy. Only professional grade materials are used to fill my babies. All my babies are painted with GHS paint and sealed with a Matt baby skin feel. £295 + £16 p&p which is insured and tracked. Payment plan available



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