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My name is Paula and I started reborning in August 2018.


I have always been quite crafty and love creating things.

This is my first ever doll show and I’m so excited to be a part of it, I cannot wait for the live shows to return so I can experience those too. How I became a reborn artist……… As a child I had a baby doll I adored this doll she was my pride and joy. She had been stored in my parents loft for the last 25ish years and in the summer of last year they were moving house and so needed to sort through all the stored stuff.

When I saw the boxes with her in I just had to get her out and have a cuddle, this led to my mum making a comment about reborn dolls and how she was surprised I had never looked at them.

That got me thinking and within a week I had my first kit and was watching hours and hours of youtube tutorial videos and began my journey, I have now made many dolls and believe each and every one is better than the last as I learn something new every time I pick up a paint brush.

I use air dry Ultimate Fusion paints in many layers to create realistic skin tones and detailing, all dolls are then sealed with soft touch varnish. Dolls are weighted with quality glass beads and soft fibre fill.

They have strong magnets behind their lips and come with a magnetised dummy. I love to make things pretty so all my dolls will come with a beautiful box opening, care sheet, birth certificate and COA (if applicable).

I also make magnetic dummies, dummy clips and sealed fake milk bottles as well as having a large collection of pre-loved clothing on my website.


Below are the items Paula is currently offering for sale.


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Zuri is painted with thin layers of Ultimate Fusion air dry paint using many different colours and textures and then sealed with soft touch matte varnish, giving her a nice soft matte feel. She has full limbs and doe suede body, and weighs 5lb 3oz her weight is evenly distributed to feel as real as possible. She wears newborn clothing. She will come home with her outfit, vest and sleeper, spare nappies, receiving blanket and toy, magnetic dummy, care sheet, birth certificate and certificate of authenticity. She is a beautiful bald baby. Zuri has been lovingly created in my home which is smoke and pet free.




Reborn fake milk bottles handmade by me. All bottles are filled with approx. 4oz of fake milk formula. Teats have been sealed with silicone so they will not leak. Tops are sealed on with silicone but will open with force. These are handmade items and are not intended as a toy. Prices range from £7.99 - £10.99 this includes UK postage.




Self-Fit Magnetic Dummies Handmade by me. Beautiful dummies customised for your reborn baby doll. To ensure these will fit to the polarity of your baby you will receive

*1 Dummy (teat neatly removed)*

*1 extremely strong rare earth neodymium magnet*

*1 sticky felt pad*

*1 set of instructions* 

*These are handmade items and are not intended as a toy*

*They are very strong magnets and are not suitable for anyone with a pacemaker fitted as they can be extremely dangerous* T





Keep your dummies safely attached to your reborn.

These are approx. 22cm long which is the safety standard for dummy clips Lots of designs to choose from.

MAM Adapters also available in pink, blue and clear.

I have personalised ones and just plain ones as well All items are made to a high standard and are fully checked before leaving the nursery and are very strong, however these are not toys so please do not leave a child unattended with them.

These range from £3.19 - £3.59 and include UK postage.




Mohair conditioner and detangler perfect for your reborn baby doll. Fixes frizzy or tangled mohair and has a lovely baby powder scent. Directions: Shake before use, Spray a small mist and work into the hair, style and let dry naturally. Keep out of reach of children and pets. These are £7.89 each and included UK postage.




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