Val Powditch - 10 Twinkle Toes Silicone Nursery

Silicone artist, also handmade accessories

We would like to introduce Val from 10 Twinkle Toes Silicone Nursery.

Val has been reborning for 14 years now, and is still as passionate about her art as when she first started out.

Val has always paid huge attention to detail and her detailing and her micro rooting are top notch.

Val adds an extra dimension to her babies by dressing them in outfits she creates herself, meaning the finished baby is exactly as she visulaises it!

As well as being a reborn artist, 4 years ago Val began working on silicones and has soon become known as one of the top UK silicone artists.

Having been a regular at The Doll Show from the beginning, Val has a multitde of regular customers who love to come and have a friendly chat, and to look at her amazing show displays.

As well as her beautiful babies, Val ofers for sale some of her amazing handmade outfits, s well as spectacular baby booties and shoes, and her original baby display nests, pillows and baskets.

You can meet Val at the Peterborough, Southampton and Basildon Doll shows.