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Thank you for visiting The Doll Show Online.

The Doll Show has been running since 2007 at venues across the UK.

For details of our live physical events see our sister site

We have set this site up to give our vendors a platform over which to sell during this period of lockdown as our next three shows are cancelled.

We have set up this page to try and emulate the sales environment of The Doll Show.

The vendors on this site are exclusively those who have attended or booked to attend a live doll show, and we can vouch for them on both a personal an professional level.

We have put together a list of anticipated FAQ's

Q: I can't access the show pages, why is this?

A: Until the show is "open" the show pages are password protected. We like to think of it as the doors being cosed while we set out our displays behind the scenes!

Q: When will the show pages open?

A: The shows will all open on a Friday to Monday over the designated weekends. We intend to open at 9am on the Friday and will be closing again at 5pm on the Monday. (Time is UK British Summertime)

Q: Why have you picked the dates shown?
A: For these three initial shows we will be running the online shows over the same weekends as the original shows were booked.

Q: Will you continue to run online shows after the physical shows are back up and running?
A: At the moment we are taking things day by day, and just hosting these three online shows. However, if they prove to be a success we are considering running an online show the weekend following each show, exclusively for vendors of that particular show.

Q: Will every vendor who is at the show offer goods online?
A: No. Only vendors who choose to participate will be involved.

Q: How do I purchase from a show table?

If you would like to purchase the item shown, please click the purcahse link which will generate an email to the seller. The seller will deal with your enquiry in the order in which they are received. Please note that items will remain available to others until your payment is reveived. Once payment is received, the item will be removed from the site within a few hours. Updates after 6pm will be actioned the following day!